Health Care


Slimming Therapy: 28 days:

It includes mainly two types of treatments Abhyangam and Swedham (Herbal Oil Massage and steam bath), Udwarthanam (Herbal Powder Massage), in this ayurvedic medicine are administered internally along with a strictly followed ayurvedic diet and yoga therapy.



Doing yoga brings positive energy for the life. Asana (Yogic Postures) and Pranayama (Breathing Techniques) will enliven the body, help to cure by itself and calms the mind. Most of the bodily ailments and defects including chronic disorders can be improved by the practice of asana. They work on our vital organs of the body. The blood get oxygenated, thus the body get decongested and rested. Stamina, lung capacity, heart performance, muscle tone, circulation and respiration all will improve.


Relaxation Therapy:

This includes Relaxation massages, Pizhichil, Dhara, Snehavasthi, Njavarakizhi etc. treatments and Yoga lasting for 3 to 30 days. It gives full relaxation to the mind and body. This makes the one to be away from the stress, anxiety and lead a happy and peaceful life.


Meditation Therapy:

Meditation (Dhyana), one of the eight limbs of yoga helps to improve one’s concentration and will enable the patient to develop discipline, self-awareness and boosts the self -confidence. By doing meditation the inner peace can be achieved.